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Campbell Cabinetry is a third generation, family owned business founded by Walter Campbell in 1956. Serving the west coast of Florida from Tampa to Naples, Campbell’s built its name on trust, fine craftsmanship and a distinct willingness to provide personal attention to each member of its valued clientele. Today the company is owned and operated by Sheldon Campbell and his two sons, Darrin and Brandon. Much like his father before, Sheldon has instilled in his sons the same desire for impeccable quality and an unmatched customer experience.

In 2010 Campbell Cabinetry embarked on a new journey that would ultimately guide the future of their business. They purchased a dilapidated building on Sarasota’s historic Main Street and set to work realizing their vision for the ideal space to host customers and showcase their original designs. By seamlessly introducing a modern touch to the building’s vintage charm they were able to create what is truly one of the most noteworthy spaces in the downtown area.

Now the goal is to do things differently; a bit slower and more considered–with a strong emphasis on design. The family’s Amish roots are a driving force behind their product quality and form, where traditional manufacturing techniques blend with contemporary, artistic taste to create one of a kind end products.

You won’t find Amish black hats, long beards, or suspenders in the showroom; however, when you open a custom built inset drawer and run your fingers across a dovetail corner, or open a glass door to search for hidden hinges, you’ll know the Old World craftsmanship is there. Quality built into every piece.


sheldon campbell

owner and designer

There are many businesses today that seem to be flying by the seat of their pants, with no real captain to helm the ship. Sheldon has put in enough years now to stand quietly behind the wheel, guiding Campbell’s with experienced wisdom.

It’s the type of thing you’re looking for when you can’t decide just what type of cabinetry finish you want to coordinate with your new appliances, or when you’re looking for a tried and true layout that will maximize space and efficiency and still feel like a home. He’s been there, he’s done that. He’s happy to help.

In their leisure time, Sheldon and his wife, Anna, enjoy traveling and spending time with their kids and grandchildren. Want to see Sheldon’s eyes light up? A box of pastries from C’est La Vie will do the trick.


DARRIN campbell

owner and designer

Ever start a project and think, “I just don’t have any ideas”? Don’t worry, Darrin has plenty of them. Wondering just how you’ll manage to marry your design aesthetic with your partner’s? Just ask Darrin. The challenge of a new project, and the opportunities of trying something new seem to drive his work. Darrin will design an incredible kitchen, and then he’ll probably give you ideas for an incredible backyard. The ideas never stop coming.

Darrin, his wife, Emily, and their four sons live on a mini-farm of sorts. There are dogs, goats, chickens, and even bees. They’re a family endlessly curious about life, and it shows in the way they live and explore and try new things.


BRANDON campbell

owner and designer

Cross an engineer with an artist, and it equals Brandon Campbell. In the middle of describing your dream space to him, you may look down at his notepad to see he’s been drawing it by hand the whole time. He may be the youngest of the team, but his knowledge of the industry and process is compounded by the fact that he’s been taught not just by his dad, but also by his older brother. He’ll know the newest techniques and styles but he’ll also know how, why, and where these could benefit the customer the most.

Brandon and his wife, Jennie, live with their Dachshund, Daisy. When he’s not grooming his beard or fly fishing, he and Jennie can be found on their motorcycle, enjoying a leisurely ride around town.

Tracey Scalzo


As one of only about 200 NKBA Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designers (CMKBD) in the country, Tracey Scalzo brings a wealth of design savvy, technical skill and experience to the table. She’s won multiple national design awards and earned the Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) designation. Even after completing hundreds of projects she still approaches each new challenge from her client’s perspective in an attempt to make their homes special and serve their unique needs and desires: the perfect arrangement and accessories for a gourmet cook; a specially designed island that facilitates conversation; subtly incorporated safety features or a hidden treasure cubby tucked away in a child’s room. “It’s a real privilege to be invited to help create the most meaningful and intimate space of our clients’ homes”, Tracey says. “We don’t just design memorable spaces, but spaces in which memories are made.” Come in and see how Tracey can help you make those memories happy ones.

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